GERD, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, Anxiety, Nutritional Deficiencies, Urticaria (hives), Candida, Low Energy, Anemia

Before meeting Aarti, I had been to numerous doctors and specialists. My prescription list was growing, I didn’t feel well, and I wasn’t receiving any answers.  I was told to take my medicine which helped my symptoms, yet I couldn’t help but question what was behind all of this. Over several years, I had attained a list of ailments that impacted my ability to enjoy life.

Through careful thought, blood work, and discussion, Aarti has helped find the root of my issues and has helped bring me back to feeling healthy and in control.  My hives are gone, my GERD is being managed with diet alone, my anxiety is under control without medication, I have energy, and my nutritional deficiencies have all been corrected with the help of diet and supplements. I have seen some progress with my Hashimoto’s numbers and am still working on Candida, but I have every confidence that it will be resolved soonAll of this happened in about 10 weeks with Aarti.

This journey is not easy, but I see results in how I feel and that my body is healing, and that motivates me every day. I have dropped my list of needed prescriptions down from five to two, have developed a healthy diet that is right for my body, and incorporated daily meditation all in a very short time. 

I appreciate Aarti’s caring nature, her reliance on research and science, as well as her ability to listen, support, and encourage. She taught me how to use the correct foods to heal and support my body and to destress and meditate. Aarti’s expertise and guidance is unlike what you will find in conventional medicine. She has shown me a path that I am excited to continue and share with others. I am so grateful to have her leading me through this healing path and would recommend her to anyone.

Rachel B.