Aarti Batavia | Nutrition Wellness Consulting

Nourish and nurture your inner being


Here is what I believe:

When you change your mindset and change your physiology, you change your life.

Healthcare should be about promoting positive vitality, beyond the absence of disease. Would you rather feel just okay, or fantastic?
The human body has more innate wisdom and self-healing capacity than conventional medicine gives it credit for.

Your genetic blueprint together with the interaction of your achievement makes you unique, and therefore no cookie- cutter approach to your health will ever be as effective as a personalized solution.

When you mask or repress symptoms, you force them underground, potentially causing even greater health issues down the road. Better to dissolve them by identifying and addressing the root causes.

There will always be conflicting advice what’s good for you and what’s not. It’s important to individualize your nutrition program. One individual may have allergies/ sensitivity to one food but for the other person it could be healing. For e.g. Turmeric. Personalized nutrition is the key.

The most effective and satisfying relationship in healing is a collaborative partnership. As a registered dietitian nutritionist and certified functional medicine practitioner, I am not “better” or smarter than you, and I will never place myself on a pedestal about you. We are a team and our goal is to help you live a life of vitality so that you can enjoy with your family and achieve your personal and professional goals.

Your intuition is trustworthy. I respect your inner wisdom and will never coerce you into doing something that doesn’t feel right to you.

Change is hard, but it’s not as hard as watching your health slowly deteriorate. You can make new habits stick with motivation, guidance and support.

My philosophy is based on the principles of Functional Medicine. Click here to learn more.