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My Story

It all began one summer of 1989, when Aarti heard about cellular nutrition expert speak on energy, mitochondria and nutrition. The speaker had her PhD in Nutrition. This smart and intelligent lady went into depths on how the food we eat is transformed into energy and how the vitamins and minerals from food interact with our body and help us nourish and grow. Aarti was fascinated as to what food can do to us and that is when she decided to study nutrition. Aarti went on to complete her bachelors in Food Science, Nutrition and Dietetics and then completed her Masters in Nutrition and began private practice in 1997. Over the 13 years of Aarti’s practice, she saw individuals with varied dietary conditions like obesity, PCOS, diabetes, pre-diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular diseases revert to living a healthy lifestyle by following her prescribed regimen.

It was in 2007, Aarti started experiencing severe allergies, urticaria, weight –gain, headaches, depression, asthma and was diagnosed with PCOS. Her allergist and primary care suggested that she would require steroids and pumps/inhalers to manage her allergies and asthma. Knowing that the suggested remedies were only treating symptoms and not correcting the underlying causes, she refused to adopt them. Instead, Aarti rigorously explored for approaches that would eliminate the root cause. During the quest to free her of ailments, Aarti came across functional medicine. She then identified her food sensitivities and began making major changes in her own diet eliminating gluten, all the foods she was sensitive to and processed foods. Now nine years later, Aarti is currently in the best of health free from asthma, headaches, depression, and excess weight and can wear the same outfits that she wore when she was younger.

A single presentation on nutrition by one individual got Aarti initiated into the fascinating field of nutrition and dietetics.

Immense interest and perseverance to give her best kept her going and Aarti’s personal health challenges motivated her to take a plunge into functional medicine. Having helped herself and her patients for many years, Aarti is confident that she can help you achieve your health goals.


A functional medicine practitioner, registered dietitian nutritionist, adjunct faculty, speaker and culinary expert, Aarti is dedicated to helping individuals to live a healthy and productive life.

Aarti is a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner. Functional medicine is personalized medicine that deals with root causes of the disease instead of sticking a Band-Aid to your symptoms. Aarti uses functional medicine to identify the underlying triggers such as nutritional and biochemical imbalances which are making you feel sick and tired. Aarti listens empathetically to her clients while relying on scientific evidence to formulate personalized nutrition and lifestyle solutions. She will use various diagnostic and interventional tools such as cutting edge lab testing, diet/ nutrition plan, supplements, and lifestyle changes to restore your health and vitality. Aarti prefers to work symbiotically with your health care practitioner/ physician consultant team to achieve your health goals.

Aarti is an Adjunct Faculty at Wayne State University training future dietitians/nutritionists. She keeps abreast with the latest advancements by attending various conferences, workshops and reading scientific literature to help achieve the best for you.

Aarti’s goal is to get to the root cause of your problem, restore your health and promote optimal wellness to enable you to live your life to the best potential and reach your higher self.


Aarti lives in the Metro Detroit area with her husband. She enjoys fusion cooking, travelling, hiking and digging into scientific literature. She has a personal passion for gluten-free living, as she and her husband are both gluten sensitive.


  • Coordinated Program in Dietetics from Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan : 2010
  • Master of Science degree in Food Science and Nutrition from SNDT University, Mumbai : 1997
  • Bachelor of Science degree in Food Science, Nutrition and Dietetics from Mumbai University, Mumbai : 1995

Academic Appointment:

Adjunct Faculty: Wayne State University – Coordinated Program in Dietetics

In Practice Since:


Languages other than English:

Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi


  • Clinically Focused Functional Medicine Program (The Academy of Functional Medicine and Genomics): 2015
  • Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner (Institute of Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner – IFMCP): 2014
  • Certified Food and Spirit Practitioner ( Food and Spirit): 2014
  • FFPN Foundation Training in CFS and Fibromyalgia ( The Fatigue and Fibromyalgia Practitioners Network): 2013
  • Certified LEAP Therapist: 2010


  • Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and its various Dietetic Practice Groups
  • Michigan Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Southeastern Michigan Dietetic Association
  • Institute of Functional Medicine
  • Michigan Association of Physicians of Indian Heritage
  • National Speakers Association
  • All India Association of Advancing Research in Obesity ( Founding Member)

Awards/ Achievements:

  • Michigan Dietetic Association Institutional (MDAI) scholarship, 2009
  • Nominating Committee Chair –Elect. Dietitians in Integrative and Functional Medicine, 2015
  • Continuing Education Credit Chair – Southeastern Michigan Dietetic Association since 2012
  • Spokesperson- Michigan Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics since 2010
  • Convener and Faculty – Third Obesity Training Certificate Course (AIAARO), 2006

Aarti has offices in Ann Arbor, Royal Oak, and Novi and also consults virtually via Skype and phone. She consults with patients nationally and internationally improving their health with a new approach to nutrition and wellness.