I came to Aarti Batavia after a trip to the emergency room from severe stomach pain which no doctor could diagnose. I went to see a GI doctor and his suggestion was medicine to mask the pain but he did not offer me a long term solution. I had been having stomach issues off and on for over a year which sometimes resulted in severe cramps and nausea and I was always bloated! I have also always been an active person but regardless of how much I exercised, I could never lose weight.

Aarti helped me identify food intolerances that were causing me the stomach pains and nausea. We created a diet plan that as soon as I started, I could notice a difference in bloating and stomach pain! I think the most significant overall change for me was Aarti helped me create a sustainable diet where I was eating more healthy foods and less gluten, dairy and sugar. I lost weight, my workouts improved, and best of all I feel so much better!

I would recommend Aarti to anyone who has stomach pain with no answers or needs support creating a healthy diet and lifestyle!

Judy L