Digestive Issues – Ulcerative Colitis, Overactive Bladder, Intestinal Pain and Cramps and Fatigue

When I came to Aarti, I was dealing with prolonged symptoms from the ulcerative colitis I was diagnosed with nearly 8 years ago. My medications weren’t managing my colitis as well as they had in the past, and I suspected that there might be a link between the food I was eating and my digestive issues.

Aarti and I worked on re-incorporating foods into my diet, with an emphasis on eating more vegetables and using breathing methods and light exercise as a means to reduce stress and inflammation. Since starting my work with Aarti, my worst symptoms have disappeared, and I find that I am feeling clearer in mind, lighter in step, and better equipped to manage stress in my life.

I found it especially heartening after my first few weeks with Aarti to see my digestive symptoms begin to fade. Though I was eating simply, it seemed to be working. I also found that I was beginning to appreciate food more and have felt more confident and creative in the kitchen than I ever have previously.

Now I’m beginning to add my reactive foods back into my diet, and have found some success! I feel happy and confident in my eating and feel relieved to know that my colitis could be managed by making changes in my lifestyle. I’m doing very well with my diet, and find that the foods I am eating are just as satisfying as the highly reactive foods I was eating in the past.

Arianna W.