Digestive Issues, Urticaria (hives), and Menstrual Pain

I cannot believe how much better I feel in just two months! When I first came to see Aarti Batavia, I was sick almost every day with digestive issues, menstrual pain, itching and had almost no energy, which caused me to be miserable.

It was amazing to hear her diagnose my issues just from reading through the paperwork packet I completed before we had even met. Her knowledge and experience dealing with nutrition is unbelievable. After receiving test results, she was able to confirm the reasons for some of my health issues and determined a supplement plan to get my gut back into shape.

Aarti helped me discover the foods I should (and shouldn’t) be eating in order to be healthy. Now I can eat without feeling sick and have way more energy than ever before. Her menu plans and recipe ideas rival Pinterest. If you are tired of the foods you are eating making you sick, let Aarti show you the way!

Cheryl K.