Ig A Nephropathy aka Berger’s Disease, Kidney Disease, Proteinuria, GERD and Weight Management

Back in 2010, I was diagnosed with a kidney condition called from proteinuria, resulting in inflammation, weight gain, acid Reflux and joint pain. After trying numerous methods to combat these issues, one of my friends suggested to check out with good dietitian. I searched for t in my local area. I found Aarti Batavia, and I got in contact with her around June 2017. Aarti set up a custom diet based on my restrictions and food choices. Her diet involved me cutting out some of my regular foods, including all processed and fried food, along with gluten and dairy.

Initially this was a very big transition for me but after sticking to the plan daily, I miraculously started seeing results in nearly 1 month! My weight was beginning to reduce, I was feeling energetic and focused day by day. My meetings with others resulted in consistent remarks of looking fresh, fit, and young. That was very motivational as it kept me sticking to my goal.

Currently it has been approximately 6 months of using Aarti’s diet and supplements, along with light exercise. I have healthily lost 10-12 pounds, and (most amazingly!) one of my kidney medications has been stopped been discontinued. I am also slowly bringing in new foods into my diet, to see how it goes with my body.

All in all, my experience with Aarti has been truly life-changing, and it hasn’t even been 1 year! I came to her with a very specific set of problems, and she managed to work around those obstacles and kept me motivated during the whole process.

Thank you Aarti for sharing your knowledge with me to improve my health

Darshita C.