Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, Chronic Fatigue, and Hair Loss

When I first came to see Aarti, my health was spiraling out of control. I was freshly diagnosed with an autoimmune disease (Hashimoto’s) and I was told by my Endocrinologist that there was nothing I could do with my diet and lifestyle that would help the condition.

I stumbled upon Aarti while searching for an integrative physician, and as it happens, she was the only one that returned my call.  I’m glad that was the case, because as it turns out, the nutrition and lifestyle approach was exactly what my body needed to get back on track.

At the time, I was frozen solid and the fatigue was overwhelming. When your body is actively attacking itself, it is exhausting. Worst of all, I just didn’t even know where to start, and I just needed someone to tell me what to do to get better.

We began with food sensitivity testing as well as other blood work to test for deficiencies among other things. We slowly (and sometimes drastically) starting implementing diet and lifestyle changes. I hadn’t considered the fact that what I eat can have such a big impact on how I feel, good or bad.

Soon, as my body got some crucial supplements and nutrition into it, it began to blossom.  I didn’t always see changes day to day, but month to month and appointment to appointment, gains were being made. My hair stopped falling out, the energy was slowly making an appearance and I was feeling better and more balanced.  I began to feel well instead of ill.  Best of all, my ultrasounds showed my modules shrinking from appointment to appointment, and I was told to not come back for a while.

Today, I feel well as we slowly and steadily continue to work on things that are lurking under the surface. I have and will continue to recommend Aarti to anyone who is struggling with bettering an autoimmune condition or bettering their well-being by means of diet and lifestyle.

Donna F.