Eczema, Headaches, and Irritable Bowel Syndrome – IBS

I struggled with my overall health for almost 5-6 years before going forth with the LEAP diet.  Being a Dietitian myself, I thought I could figure it all out myself but I couldn’t come up with what was giving me my issues.  A dermatologist told me my itching and rashes were eczema; a chiropractor said my headaches were due to tension and stress; a gastroenterologist told me my bloating, early satiety, cramping, and nausea were IBS; the various CAT scans, laparoscopy, colonoscopy, endoscopy, and other tests all came back negative; a multiple month food journal didn’t reveal anything much of a pattern.  After this unending process, I eventually gave up on doctors and figured I would just deal with my discomfort…until I went to a Dietetic conference and heard Aarti Batavia talk about food allergies, sensitivities, and intolerances.

I talked with Aarti afterwards and she was extremely open to help me in my situation.  Her expertise in functional medicine and food allergies/sensitivities  left me with little doubt that I should follow the plan.  While I knew it wasn’t going to be easy, she made the process go much smoother and helped me realize it wasn’t as bad as it seemed.  She helped me not get over my head with all of her advice and help in brainstorming towards recipes and meal ideas.  She has a vast knowledge of special dietary products as well as a broad spectrum of cooking know-how to help in menu planning.  She has a great clinical sense of what different foods and nutrients do and can do to one’s body.

I was very hesitant to start the program; but, hindsight, it was a great decision for me and completely worth the time and effort.  The energy level I have now is much higher than it was before.  Looking back, I don’t think I ever really knew what it was like to feel ‘good’ and now my body has come full circle and I have learned to listen to my body much more and what it needs to stay healthy and strong.  I never realized the common (and uncommon) foods that I was eating on a regular basis were causing me so much harm until I took them out of my diet or restricted how much I had.  Our bodies are capable of amazing things if we treat it right and allow it to…and I’m happy to say I now know how I can allow mine to.

I would recommend Aarti Batavia and her guidance in a heartbeat.  She was great to work with and I know if I ever have a question or need a reference with my diet, she is just an email or phone call away.  She treats her patients on a personal level and truly takes the challenge to solve their problems to heart.  Thanks, Aarti!

Gina K.