Digestive Issues, Constipation, Allergies, and Eczema

Our nine-year-old son struggled with chronic constipation, headaches, stuffy nose and itchy skin. We thought that Marcus’s health could be improved with better nutrition, yet we struggled to identify what would help him. After a lot of research, we decided that we wanted someone specializing in integrative nutrition.

Aarti helped us with a ‘game plan’ to eliminate foods that commonly cause sensitivities, as well as identifying specific problem foods for Marcus.  This process included coming up with meal plans and recipes that would work for us, physical and mental exercises to help with digestion, and regular assessments of how the process was affecting Marcus and our whole family.

After just a few weeks, we noticed that Marcus’s symptoms were reduced, and that his moods seemed more even. We also noticed that Marcus has been less frustrated when doing tasks, including school work and chores.  Marcus has learned to balance his eating and make better decisions about what he eats, and we are knowledgeable enough now to help ensure that he always has good options.  The methods that Aarti taught him have helped Marcus be more focused and aware of his own body. Overall, we all feel healthier and better in general.

Now, Marcus is a very healthy child who no longer complains of stomachaches or headaches and makes good decisions about the foods he eats.

We recommend Aarti for people who want to be healthier and are unsure where to start, or those who have a specific health concern and want to help their bodies heal with a science-based nutrition approach.

Jess and Josh G.