PCOS, Excess Weight, and Food Addiction

Aarti Batavia has helped me change my life for the better. I was diagnosed with PCOS 10 years ago. I’ve been seeing Aarti for 3 months now and for the first time since my diagnosis I feel normal. My anxiety has lessened tremendously. I’m sleeping better and my addiction to food is gone!!

Prior to going to Aarti, food controlled me. I thought about food all the time and I had no self-control when it came to junk food. I would stand in front of the ice cream freezer at the grocery store and I would have a battle going on in my head. I want the ice cream, the ice cream is bad for me and this would go on for a few minutes before I would give in and buy it. My insulin resistance controlled me. After a couple of weeks following Aarti’s plan my cravings disappeared. 4 months later, I can walk by the ice cream freezer and not give it a second thought.

I’ve lost 20lbs, my anxiety has lessened, and I’m sleeping better and most of all I’m no longer obsessed with food or addicted to junk food. I finally feel like I did prior to having insulin resistance. Going to Aarti has helped me more than any medicine or diet I’ve ever gone on before.  Following Aarti’s plan has helped me more than conventional doctors have. Well worth the time and money.  I highly recommend giving Aarti a try.

Julie M.