IBS and Migraines

I started seeing Aarti Batavia in March of 2013, because I was hoping to find a way to get some control over my migraines and my IBS, if that was even possible… I relocated to Mexico in August of 2013, so I had a short window to attempt to understand the link between food and my ailments. The Mediator Release blood tests suggested by Aarti revealed AMAZING information to me… I was sensitive to many foods that I consume on a daily basis!!  By following the food plan (which is not easy at first, I’ll admit!), and eliminating all the foods that trigger internal inflammation, I have completely eliminated my migraines and have complete control over my IBS!!  I do take medicine for both of these conditions, but even with daily medicine; these conditions were not managed previously! …Soon I will lower my dosage of the migraine medicine and I have already lowered the IBS prescription.  Working with Aarti was LIFE- CHANGING for me, and all of this was accomplished in 4 months! I am happy, I am grateful!! I have learned so much and I feel like I have control over my body, and not like my body is out of control… Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU, Aarti!!!

Karen B.