Digestive Issues, Weight management, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, Osteoarthritis and Pre-diabetes

Like so many people, I had struggled with my weight since adolescence and had tried numerous diets (e.g. Vegan, Vegetarian, Paleo), to no avail. I couldn’t sustain the practice of eating these ways long-term because my body just didn’t feel good. My carb/sugar addiction, which began early in my life, kept popping up and sabotaging my efforts to eat well. What I thought were the little aches and pains of getting older began growing in frequency and intensity so that by the time I was 55, both my hips needed to be replaced due to Osteoarthritis. I suffered from chronic nasal/ear congestion and constantly battled with caffeine and carb/sugar addictions. Through extensive lab testing, Aarti determined that I was pre-Diabetic, had Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, and that I had a leaky gut, all of which were caused by inflammation from eating foods I was sensitive to.

Aarti gave me a list of foods that I could and could not eat and had me keep a detailed food intake/symptom diary. Writing down everything I ate and drank and how I felt was challenging at first, but it really paid off because it taught me how to be honest with what I was eating and to listen to my body’s responses to what I was feeding it. In addition, Aarti recommended that I do daily breathing/stress reduction exercises and take Epsom Salt Baths three times a week. She also gave me great ideas for recipes and practical tips for shopping and preparing food.

The results? I lost over 30lbs, developed extremely smooth, soft skin, felt less bloated, had much better elimination, felt a more calm, steady yet alert energy level throughout the day. I no longer have sugar/carb cravings and my aches and pains of Osteoarthritis have disappeared. Aarti also helped me get to the bottom of an allergic reaction to mold that I didn’t know I had as well as guide me physically, emotionally, and energetically through the stressors of minor facial surgery. I highly recommend Aarti to anyone seeking to improve their health, no matter what ails you!

Kelly C