Irritable Bowel Syndrome – IBS

I used to suffer from IBS for over 20 years. It has affected me in many ways physically and mentally. I knew my problem was food related but didn’t know how to go about fixing it. Aarti Batavia, R.D, helped me identify my food sensitivities and corrected my nutritional deficiencies and since beginning it there have been so many positive things that have happened to my physical and mental wellness as a result of it.

First, I am no longer taking ANY OTC/prescription drugs. Plus, I realized that I can eat well and feel satisfied, all while nourishing myself with the foods that I CAN eat and should eat.

Aarti and I sat down together where she gathered all of my IBS related history and gave me my individualized anti-inflammatory plan. She explained in detail all the foods I CAN eat and even offered meal planning tips and delicious recipes that fit my plan. She is extremely thoughtful and knowledgeable about proper nutrition and made a plan that undoubtedly worked for me. I highly recommend her to anyone that suffers from IBS.

Kim S.