Digestive, Mental, and Sexual Health

Earlier this year I began a major shift in my food intake, noticed that I had been tolerating levels of anxiety, inflammation and gastric distress that I just thought were “normal” for most of my life (tension, itchiness, gas, bloating, constipation to name a few). With the changes I felt intuitively called to make, I found I began to feel better than I ever knew was possible! And several months into the process I found that I needed some support to navigate the complex realm of listening to what my body needed for the optimal balance. That’s when I found Aarti and together with her guidance my life has changed for the better!

Resetting my food, meant resetting my taste buds and awareness! I began to notice subtle flavors and sweetness that had been overwhelmed by all the noise in the past. At times now, I sit in ecstatic joy as I receive food into my body…the color, the texture and the taste filling me with sensory delight…a powerful facet of Sensual Living.

Thanks to following Aarti’s guidance, I am literally feeling more alive, more aware of my subtle body energies, more clarity in my pelvis, wider orgasmic repertoire spectrum (yes, more sexual energy and aliveness!), less bound-up, less tight and wound-up. Literally, I feel my body unwinding through my fascia, my muscle, my dura (the tissue that surrounds the brain and spinal cord), and my gut body. Plus I am eliminating (yes poop!) in this really balanced and beautiful rhythm of roughly daily, sometimes a little more than once per day. Bowel movements, that used to be rare and forced, are now present with a clear urge, usually in the morning.  No longer am I having bouts of gassiness or bloating. Thank you Aarti for your support on this powerful journey of feeling really good about who I am by Listening to My Body!!

You can find a detailed story of my food reset journey, “Listening to My Body: A Food Journey with Orgasmic Results!” here at:


Leslie B.