SIBO, Digestive Issues, Anxiety and Rosacea

I first came to Aarti after being referred by my functional medicine doctor. I was still experiencing symptoms stemming from SIBO, including bloating, gas, anxiety, and rosacea. I was not eating a poor diet, but almost everything I ate ended up exasperating my symptoms. Aarti helped me to identify which foods I was overreacting to, to listen to my body, and to successfully reintroduce foods once I gave my body time to heal.

After following Aarti’s protocols, I have experienced a significant improvement in my symptoms. She helped me to be more comfortable around food. I am no longer unnecessarily restricting my diet because I have read or seen how inflammatory they can be for others. She also helped me to reduce my anxiety and gave me ways to relax and deal with the stress in a healthy way.

During my first appointment, Aarti really listened to me and what I was dealing with. No symptom was too small or unrelated. I remember walking out of the appointment no longer discouraged, and knowing that I was going to get better.

Because of my experience with Aarti, I have deepened my love for nutrition so much so that I am now pursuing a career as a Registered Dietitian, and hope to help my patients in the same way as Aarti has helped me and the rest of her patients.

I would recommend Aarti to anyone with any health condition or anyone with a willingness to improve their health and well-being.