Obesity, Fatigue, Insulin Resistance and Depression

When I first started with Aarti I was suffering from weight gain, exhaustion, irritability, and depression.

I had never been much of a cook, so Aarti and I spent a lot of time exploring the many food options available to me on this plan. Aarti was always very patient with me, and helped me understand how to structure my day-to-day life in order to ensure success with my meals. I never felt lost or uncertain about what to do or eat in between visits.I remember feeling particularly proud of myself when I went on a trip, and took all necessary steps to make sure that I ate on plan the entire time.

One great overall change that has taken place in my life is that I never get myself into a situation where I haven’t planned all of my meals in advance. I bring my cooler of food everywhere I go! I have lost 80 lbs in 8 months, and eating healthy has become a gift to me rather than a chore.

I would recommend Aarti to anyone who is ready to make a permanent life change from a place of health and self-love. Aarti will invest in you on a deeply personal level and will care about the emotional aspects of your journey as much as the nutritional aspects.

I have been a lifelong dieter and truly believe that the tools Aarti has given me have granted me freedom from old life patterns I never thought I would break. I could never thank Aarti enough for giving me my life back. To anyone considering starting this journey, you are worth it!

Natalie S.