Digestive Issues, Abdominal Pain, and Inflammation

I am so grateful to Aarti Batavia for helping me know exactly which foods to eat (and not eat) based on my specific blood test. Knowing which foods were causing me digestive issues, pain, and inflammation¬†as well as which delicious foods and vitamins healed and nourished me has been life changing. I love all the foods I am able to eat, and the few items that are off my list aren’t even missed. Now,¬†I feel so much better and my body has healed and become stronger. Thank you, Aarti, for all of your help and guidance.

Aarti is a very knowledgeable nutritionist who guided me to make wise food choices based on scientific data. She is a caring and kind person who encouraged me along the way and reminded me of my inner strength to heal. She also encouraged me to de-stress and put me and my health first. This has helped me heal quickly so I could continue pursuing my dreams and live a happier, healthier life.

Eating the correct foods for our body (based on knowing our blood test results), de-stressing our life, and following our bliss are the keys to great health. I finally found the nutritional program I had been looking for to help me become stronger and more empowered so I could continue sharing my gifts with others.

Aarti is truly a blessing. I highly recommend her and her nutritional program to help you restore your health and improve your life so you can share the gift of your Real Self!

Sandra C.