Generalized Anxiety, Excess Weight, and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – Personalized Nutrition Plan

I was referred to Aarti by one of her colleagues, Coco Newton to seek help for my anxiety, memory issues, increased weight and inflammation. I wanted to feel clear and confident that I am eating the right foods for my optimal health. I wanted to ensure that I was doing all I could to promoted wellness and prevent cancer reoccurrence. In short, I wanted to feel less stressed and more vitality.

Aarti worked with me to customize a food plan that my body loves, identified the supplements I needed and provided me with stress reduction techniques that produced extraordinary results.

I feel fantastic! … and am lighter ( 16 lbs), brighter than ever. As a result I feel an extraordinary sense of vitality, calm and reconnection to myself.

With Aarti’s support I have made a life change that is sustainable and now the new normal. Her system, clinical and patient relation skills are remarkable!

Sandra G.