Achy Joints, Acne, Depression, Foggy Brain, Food Hypersensitivity, and Primary Immunodeficiency Syndrome

After years of multiple health problems and experiencing modern medicine only helping a little, I was recommended to Aarti to approach health from a nutritional side. My top goals when I began with her were; lessen or cure my depression of 25 years, decrease stress and my hypersensitivity to it, clear foggy mind and decrease my painful, cystic acne I had every day for 30 years.

I found my way to Aarti after many attempts through the traditional medical path to seek answers and solutions. I had not been able to find anyone who could find the root of my health issues, even after multiple diagnostic tests.  I had been struggling all over, just not feeling right in mind or body. My depression, fatigue and body aches had gotten so bad that I didn’t even have the motivation or energy for my love of exercising, especially running.  I was constantly saying to my young son that I didn’t have the energy to play ball with him or bike ride with him.  That was really heartbreaking to me, in addition to knowing that I was setting a lifestyle example for him. As time went on, I truly believed that nothing could “cure” me.

Aarti is very thorough with her assessment, which I completely appreciate, as many factors fall into play.  Ironically, once test results were back, I reviewed them with my Primary Care doctor who wasn’t alarmed by any of the results. This is exactly what I had been experiencing for years. All my results “looked good, nothing alarming”, but yet I still felt horrible. As a registered dietitian and certified functional medicine practitioner, Aarti gave a different perspective on those results and I felt that I needed to follow her advice since I hadn’t made any progress before I met her.  The plan was broken down into stages and I was surprised at how many options were open for me.  Aarti truly supported me through each stage and gently held me accountable. Her expertise and dedication to my particular situation made it so much easier to follow her suggested plan that was customized to me.

Very early into the diet adjustments, my long term cystic acne started disappearing. My constantly “plugged” ears popped open one day and my foggy brain has cleared and I feel my old self coming back. Plus the depression is definitely reducing and soon I will have a plan with my physician to wean off of antidepressants.  My achy joints and depleted energy level have greatly improved and I find more and more that I am able to be active with my son.      

Since I’ve been working with Aarti, I no longer feel hopeless about my health issues. I feel that I have control over my situation as she educates me as to which foods are healing and which I should avoid for my particular situation. My mind and body feel 20 years younger.

I highly recommend Aarti to people I know and to my other medical professionals as well. I share my story of health struggles without solutions for the past 20 years and how diet adjustments for my particular issues have been a life changer. I am learning to trust my body again because of the educated adjustments Aarti has implemented for me.

Thank you Aarti for your gift 🙂

Tami S.