I frequently have patients with the diagnosis of “irritible bowel syndrome” or IBS come to see me. Most of them tell me that they were not really given any type of dietary guidelines but were simply put on an antidepressant drug. However when I take a closer look at what’s really going on through the use of labs/MRT (see here), what I find is that there can be many different causes for the same diagnosis. Therefore how I treat each one of these folks will be different. For instance, we may find out that one person has a gluten intolerance and simply removing gluten from the diet produces amazing results. You could be reactive to even a so-called “healthy” blueberry! For others it could be something totally different such as the lack of healthy bacteria in the intestines due to a combination of antibiotic use, poor diet and stress –which can be remedied by the use of various types of strains and doses of high quality probiotics and a healthy meal plan customized just for that person. The point here is that one size does NOT fit all. If you are suffering from IBS, don’t just settle for “band-aid” medicine. Give my office a call and let me help you get to the root cause solution!517-290-6041.