One of the wonderful aspects of what I do every day is to create nutrition programs that are customized to my patients needs.  In order to do this I must make every effort to understand the root causes of their disease/health problem so that I can know what foods must come out and what foods/nutrients must go in. But the foods that are best for one person are not necessarily best for the next person. Some foods that help heal one person may actually create problems in another person, depending on their individual biochemical and genetic uniqueness. It’s also important to not assume that all people that have been labeled with a disease (such as Type 2 diabetes) must all eat exactly the same way. This is where my education, my experience and my ability to really listen comes to play. In order to restore true health and function, I take an integrative approach to understand exactly what my patient needs to do in order to achieve the health he or she desperately seeks. If you are looking for a nutrition program that is completely individualized to your needs, your busy schedule, food preferences and health concerns, give me a call at 517-290-6041!