1. Cook beans according to the recipe on the bag, or buy canned variety.

2. Prefer beans in jars rather than cans

3. Include beans gradually into your diet.. Make sure they are canned or well-cooked.


If you are not reactive, these items can be great additions to your diet:

Soy Milk (check ingredients to make sure they are allowed, prefer organic)

Edamame- fun.  Cook fresh or frozen pods in boiling water or steam in microwave

Squeeze Pod and consume only the pea-shaped fruit.

Tofu-       choose only the kind made with only calcium lactate

Garbanzo- Chick Peas— the little things you put on your salad are really more fun

Chick Pea :

Poppers— Toss a drained can in 2 Tbsp of oil

Shake on salt, herbs, cinnamon and sugar

Oven roast at 400 for 15 min


The basic recipe is a can of garbanzos, ¼ c oil and salt.

Blenderize and serve with allowed-grain crackers

When allowed, additions of lemon juice and garlic clove improve taste.


These flat little legumes cook up much easier than most beans and are not gas-forming

Sweet Potatoes-

Sweet  potatoes are in a different botanical category, so if you are reactive to white potatoes, good news… make a switch and microwave, bake or fry with allowed oil.

Check out this recipe. Skip your reactive ingredients- Myrto’s Sweet Potato Patties

See Potato Fries under “White Potatoes”

White Potatoes:

If these are on your diet, life is easy, unless you are reactive to sulfites.  If you are reactive to sulfites, realize that processed potatoes almost ALWAYS contain these.

Use fresh potatoes for these ideas:

Potato Fries-  Cut in ½ lengthwise, cut into chips, toss in oil, bake in 400 deg oven for 15 min

Craving Pizza?  When allowed, try tomato sauce, oregano and mozzerella cheese on a potato

Mashed?  Use allowed milk from your favorite recipe and substitute oil for butter.


Cut in half,  bake at 350 for 35-40 mins or until you can easily poke w/ knife. Stuff with honey, sugar, molasses, maple syrup, as allowed and slivered nuts.

Crustless pie-  combine pumpkin, spice as allowed, and egg as allowed and cook like a pie.