The comfort of pilaf with the adventure of a new grain!

  1. Look at your diet sheet to guide your choices.
  2. Select an allowed oil, vegetable, and spice/flavoring, and allowed broth or water.
  3. Dice vegetable finely
  4. Heat oil until it sizzles when a small drop of water is dropped on surface
  5. Stir fry vegetables, and spices lightly until vegetables are bright in color, and slightly softened.
  6. Add Grains, liquid, and1 tsp of salt and follow directions in table below.

Using instant? Adjust times and amount of liquid to box directions

Add Grains/Liquid Boil, then cover Low Heat Notes
Amaranth Grits (1 cup)Liquid (2 cups) High 4:30
Barley ( 1 cup)Liquid (3 cups) High 45 min
Buckwheat (1 cup)*Liquid (2 cups) High 15 min Rinse, strain before cooking
Corn Meal ( 1 cup)**Liquid (4 ½ cups)

(this is polenta)

20-50 min Stir corn meal in a bit at a time with a whisk, careful not to burn self with boiling liquid
Kamut (1 cup)Liquid (4 cups) High8-10 min 60 min
Millet (1 cup)Liquid (2 cups) Med 20 min Rinse, strain before cooking
Oats (1 cup)Groats or Steel Cut

Liquid (2 cups)

High 0:30 May want to substitute:fruit for vegetables

fruit juice for ½ of liquid

Quinoa (1 cup)****Liquid (1 ½ cups) High 15-20 min Rinse and strain several times before cooking to remove bitter coating on grains
Rice (1 cup)Liquid (varies w/ rice) High 15-25 min Read package for liquid/cooking times
Rye Berries (1 cup)***Liquid (3 cups) High 50-60 min Cook until some berries have burst
Spelt  (1 cup)Liquid (2 cups) High 45 min (not gluten free)

* eat only once a day since it can cause development of new sensitivities

** polenta is done when it thickens and pulls away from the sides of the pan. Great leftovers – pour warm polenta into shallow pan and cut up the next day and fry

Easy Microwave Option:  Use microwave-safe covered glass casserole to bring grain to a boil (7 min on high) and then simmer on low (see table for time… use 50% power)


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November 2, 2016